Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck panders, breaks the law and must resign.

“It’s about fairness. It’s about equal application of the law,” Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, March 2012

Los Angles Police Chief Charlie Bech must resign.  The Los Angeles Police Department will soon begin ignoring California state law which requires police to impound the vehicles of unlicensed drivers for 30 days.  However, the Chief Beck will only ignore the law for a select group of people in Los Angeles County.  Some people in Los Angeles will follow the law, others will not.

From the Chief law enforcement officer of Los Angeles we are hearing the following:

1. He will ignore the law.  The Chief admits he will break the law by ignoring California law!  Completely outrageous!

2. He will enforce the law unequally, while claiming he is doing the opposite.

3. He will lie about what he is doing. If someone says a law will apply to some people but not to others while stating it was about “equality” you would think that person was a fool, a liar, or had an arctic temperature level IQ.  Which is it for the Chief of the Los Angeles Police?

Any one of the three items above should be enough to disqualify anyone from serving as a police officer, let alone Chief.  When is the Chief Clown Charlie Beck going to resign?  Chief Beck is a fool and a liar.