Obama care is Unconstitutional

Anyone who has read the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, Anti-Federalist Papers and other historical documents knows that Obama Care is Unconstitutional.  That much is completely clear.  The question is whether the Supreme Court will rule it so or whether the power-hungry politicians have put enough of their ilk in the Court to vote with them.

The Constitution is not a document of “compromise”.  It is a document of absolutes.

The Constitution was written as a document of enumerated powers and not enumerated liberties for a reason.  Since the early 1900s power-hungry people have wanted to corrupt that fine divide away in order to take freedom away from the citizens and concentrate it with an elite.

You are free or your are not.  There is no way to compromise on it unless you want to compromise your freedom away.
The people who want “compromise” today between the parties today are dupes, or complicit in eroding our Constitutionally guaranteed freedom.  One does not compromise with ones destroyers.  One fights for freedom or becomes chattel.