Liberty Insurance, FOR Biden and the socialists

The totalitarian left, whether socialists, communists, or fascists pretending to be anti-fascist, is coming closer to power in the United States today.  If Joe Biden wins in November and the democrat party takes the Senate and keeps the House, a laundry list of items will be immediately on the agenda:

  • Eliminating the filibuster. Sen. Schumer has already stated eliminating it is on the table.  This will turn the Senate into the House without any need for consensus. and provide the opportunity for all kinds of mischief, including the following.
  • Giving citizenship to around 20 million people who have entered the country illegally, after blocking all President Trump’s attempts to fix the issue over his first term.
  • Packing the Supreme Court by adding additional seats.
  • Eliminating the electoral college via constitutional amendment.
  • Increased corporate taxes. The left is good at fooling people to thinking that “corporations pay taxes” when in fact, only people do, corporations are merely tax collectors for the state.
  • Wealth taxes.  Initially these taxes may only impact people with $50 million or more. Just like the income tax, it will eventually impact nearly everyone directly. While billionaires have a lot of assets, the real money is in the middle due to the large number of people in the middle class, they will eventually impact the middle class because, to quote Will Sutton: “Because that’s where the money is.”
  • Halting Congressional and Executive investigations into the impetus for Dr. Fauci, the CDC, the WHO, and others to lie for months that masks do not help against covid.  Fauci and others have claimed this was to retain them for medical professionals.  However, was this also may have been to increase the spread of the disease in order to make shutdowns necessary to hurt President Trump.  Who precisely was behind the big lie about masks?  When did the lie start?  How often was the presidential task force lied to?  Exactly who lied to them?  How much extra death and damage was caused by a several month delay in mask recommendations? Which bureaucrats were politically motivated?  The spread could’ve been stopped before it took hold and shutdowns were needed and how many lives would’ve been saved? 
  • Rioting anarchists, as distinguished from protestors, will be ignored as in Chicago, Seattle, and Portland while violence and lawlessness spreads. 
  • The “Cancel Culture” because entrenched.  When the authoritarians take control, speech will be silenced not just using the mob-ruled, cancel-culture of the last few years.  Anyone who dissents will be shut down.

If you asked the people of Venezuela, Cuba, Cyprus, Germany, Russia, Italy, Hong Kong, and others what they wished they had done before the socialists, fascists, or communists – authoritarians all at root – took over using the big lie for “free stuff” what would they say?  Most would say they wished they’d done some preparation for it.

For the US, the time to prepare is now.  The world is sleepwalking to socialisms’ slavery.  Socialism isn’t for the people, it is for the elite: taking money and decisions about what to do with the efforts of their lives and transferring it to the elites.  To be clear, the extremist left wants power and nothing more.  The left wants to vote everyone into slavery, not only themselves.  The left has become excellent at advocating for ways to spend other people’s money while telling you to shut up if you disagree.

Everyone with a home or automobile purchases homeowners insurance or car insurance every year to protect those assets.  How many people purchase insurance to protect themselves and their assets from the hordes of socialists, fascists or communists in the world?  Purchasing some forms of “insurance” for this risk is a one-time proposition.  If you were to purchase some precious metals and crypto currencies (e.g. bitcoin) this is insurance that doesn’t need an annual renewal.  The gold or bitcoin will still be there until you sell it.

The people of Germany before WWI or WWII had the chance to prepare, the people of Russia had the chance, the people Korea, China, Cuba also had the chance to prepare.  And more recently the people of Venezuela, Hong Kong, and Cyprus did.  Many people did not prepare and paid the price later.  What if you awoke one morning as the people of Cyprus did to have bank accounts almost completely frozen (and it lasted for weeks) with capital controls so you couldn’t move money around?   No matter what they say, eventually an authoritarian socialist, communist, or fascist government will impose controls to prevent their intended victims from fleeing.

Would things be different than other countries since the US has the second amendment?  Perhaps so.  Would it be different in the US with the culture of liberty for almost 250 years?Perhaps so.  But these measures will help whether you are in the US protecting and defending the Constitution or overseas helping from afar. 

If you have significant wealth, in the seven figure range, that you intend to leave for your children, you might consider an off-shore trust.  Not to evade taxes, everything should be fully tax compliant and consequently tax neutral since most off-shore trusts must be grantor trusts for the person who creates them, but to assist your children and descendants if the socialists, nationalist socialists aka fascists, or communists take over.  Jurisdictional diversification to protect your family doesn’t add much in compliance costs, but is an inexpensive way to protect your family.  It does require the assistance of people who are familiar with the off-shore landscape.  It won’t save on taxes since off-shore planning is tax neutral, but it could save your family at some point.

Socialism purports to provide for everyone.  Instead the result was to destroy everyone.  Don’t believe the myth that some socialism will work or that today’s socialism is better than yesterday’s socialism.  The difference between Mao’s version in China and that of Russia is only a difference in the body count.  And the body count is measured in the tens of millions.

The ruling class intends to except themselves from the poverty, deprivations, and destruction that any authoritarian regime will unleash, whether socialist, communist, or fascist.  There is no difference between the results, fundamentals, or policies between socialism, communism, fascism and any form of tyranny.  Communism enslaves people by force, socialism by vote as a temporary stepping stone to communism.  It is incompatible with liberty and with the Constitution.  There are things to do now: fight for freedom, but prepare for authoritarianism.  Socialism always starts out going after “only the very rich” but ends up destroying everyone.  Look at Venezuela’s change since 1998, just twenty years ago.

No one has the right to enslave another, no matter how good they claim the cause.  No one has the right to impose a “you work, I eat”.  No one has the right to treat humans as chattel.  It is evil to get something for ‘free’ by forcing someone else to work to buy it for you.   

So what can one do?  First, if you can put $1,000, $5,000, or $20,000 or more into portable assets as insurance against “the worst” you will be happy you did if it comes to pass.  That would mean putting a third in gold, a third in silver, and a third in bitcoin.  If it looks like the proposals about “printing money to fund projects” (e.g. Modern Monetary Theory, MMT) is about to pass, buy some more of each if possible.  Gold and silver will be great to trade for needs wherever you are.  The drawback to gold and silver is that if you have to leave the country as so many from Venezuela have done over the past 20 years, it can be confiscated at the borders.  Bitcoin (or other crypto) can’t be so you can escape the country with it if needed.  Think about how much the covid stimulus has cost so far, maybe $6 trillion.  What if that was just the beginning?  Think about $50 trillion over 4 years.  What would that do to the dollar and the economy?

In summary:

  1. Buy some gold and silver.
  2. Buy some bitcoin so that you can leave and not have it confiscated, at least a few thousand dollars worth.  
  3. If you have the assets, set up a fully US tax compliant off-shore trust with assets off-shore so as to protect them if the socialists take over.
  4. Arm yourself.
  5. Have a plan for what to do if the worst happens and the brownshirts win.
  6. Have supplies at home.

There are plenty of other steps one should take, but at a minimum those will help to give you a start and an escape if needed.  No one wants to have to use insurance, but at least with this permanent insurance.  You are the insurance company so you still have the assets at the end of the day.

Prepare now, and vote for freedom, not “free” stuff in November.  Recall that the modern Democrat party still has the same philosophy of the Civil War Democrat party – ‘You work and toil and earn bread, and I’ll eat it.’

Today they sugar coat it and call it “democrat socialism” but at root it is the same thing. They want to force one person to pay with the hours of their lives for the decisions of someone else. It was evil and immoral when the Democrat South did it and it is evil and immoral now.  

The degree to which you implement socialism is the degree to which you are enslaved and the degree of destruction that ensues.  A little socialism may be survivable if it is reversed quickly, but history has shown that the politics of envy are a powerful tool for the authoritarian demagogues.

Biden is Bernie with a blank expression.  The policies are the same, and the results will be the same.