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Yellen’s ‘race to the bottom’ is pro-monopoly

Yellen’s comments about the U.S. pushing to end global “race to the bottom” tells you all you need to know about her authoritarian, fascist philosophy. When a US official tells you that a monopoly is a good thing, you know that they want control, not liberty. Competition between countries and their tax systems keeps people free and countries honest. Freedom requires competition and the authoritarians worldwide don’t like it.

Yellen is proposing a “race to the bottom” herself where there is one huge monopoly that she and totalitarians like her control everyone and everything in order to leech of the 99% on the bottom.

Yellen and her cronies ignore the fact that only people pay taxes. They stir up envy and hate in order to divide people so that they can then conquer them. Then they use their envy and hate to get people to vote themselves into higher tax regimes so that they can take their cut in money and power.

The statists want monopolies that they can control, and this is a huge step into getting it.

  • see e.g. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/05/04/yellen-us-pushing-to-end-race-to-the-bottom-on-corporate-taxes.html

Buffett says bitcoin is ‘probably rat poison squared’ – explains why he doesn’t like it.

Warren Buffett says that bitcoin is “probably rat poison squared”. This explains why rats like Munger and Buffett don’t like it.

Bitcoin is indeed rat poison to authoritarians worldwide whether socialist, fascist, communist or any other type. Bitcoin allows individual people to protect themselves and the products of their lives from authoritarian-wannabes like Buffett and Munger. People who are willing to sell everyone else down the river in order to ingratiate themselves with the so-called elites worldwide: people who don’t care about how much inflation eats away the value of people’s savings, people who don’t care that people can’t protect themselves from the authoritarians confiscatory policies worldwide.

So yes, Buffett is right, Bitcoin is rat poison squared, and it is deadly to rats like him who don’t care about everyone else and who are willing to sell them down the river.