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Yellen’s ‘race to the bottom’ is pro-monopoly

Yellen’s comments about the U.S. pushing to end global “race to the bottom” tells you all you need to know about her authoritarian, fascist philosophy. When a US official tells you that a monopoly is a good thing, you know that they want control, not liberty. Competition between countries and their tax systems keeps people free and countries honest. Freedom requires competition and the authoritarians worldwide don’t like it.

Yellen is proposing a “race to the bottom” herself where there is one huge monopoly that she and totalitarians like her control everyone and everything in order to leech of the 99% on the bottom.

Yellen and her cronies ignore the fact that only people pay taxes. They stir up envy and hate in order to divide people so that they can then conquer them. Then they use their envy and hate to get people to vote themselves into higher tax regimes so that they can take their cut in money and power.

The statists want monopolies that they can control, and this is a huge step into getting it.

  • see e.g. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/05/04/yellen-us-pushing-to-end-race-to-the-bottom-on-corporate-taxes.html

A Race to Liberty, Not a Race to the Bottom

The phrase “Race to the Bottom” is a semantic slight of hand used to attempt to color your opinion prior to even looking at the situation over which the phrase is used. The phrase “Race to the bottom” was coined by US Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis in the 1933 case, Ligget Co. v. Lee (288 U.S. 517, 558-559). Brandeis didn’t fail to see that competition helps to increase liberty, Brandeis merely believed that this was a bad thing. Coining a phrase like “race to the bottom” is a wonderful technique if you wish to stifle dissent and put other views immediately on the defensive.

In fact, the often disparaged “race to the bottom” is in fact a race to freedom. The “race to the bottom” is a race to give each individual person the liberty Continue reading A Race to Liberty, Not a Race to the Bottom